June 24, 2024

Voices from Nowhere

By David Haldane June 24, 2024     It was just a voice on the phone. And yet it not only made my day, but my […]
June 10, 2024

Ode to a Good Friend

  By David Haldane June 10, 2024     I woke up this morning to the kind of news no one wants to hear. “My papa […]
June 3, 2024

Philippine Divorce: To Be or Not to Be?

By David Haldane June 3, 2024     It’s no fun. As I’ve previously written, it feels like you’re falling down a dark hole. You don’t […]
February 26, 2024

Taking a Break for Heartbreak

By David Haldane Feb. 26, 2024     It was the worst night of my life. I had just learned that my (now-ex) Filipino wife had […]
December 19, 2023

Socorro Bayanihan: Commune or Cult?

  By David Haldane Dec. 18, 2023     We were a mile off the coast of a remote Philippine Island when I realized the boat […]
November 16, 2023

Hitler on Lazada

By David Haldane Nov. 16, 2023   It felt like someone had yanked out my kidneys. Unable to sleep, I’d opened my cell phone to Facebook […]
November 9, 2023


By David Haldane Nov. 9, 2023     I was lathered to the gills, about to step under the spigot, when the darned thing choked up. […]
November 2, 2023


By David Haldane Nov. 2, 2023     The revelation came while I lay leveled on the pavement. Thirty seconds earlier, I’d been speeding home on […]
October 26, 2023


  By David Haldane October 26, 2023     I was having dinner with a Filipino friend at a Manila restaurant recently when he pulled out […]
October 20, 2023

Filipino Love

By David Haldane October 19, 2023     She could have been my sister-in-law. Angelyn Aguirre, a 32-year-old native of Pangasinan, had spent the last six […]
October 12, 2023


By David Haldane October 12, 2023   I had a whole other column prepared for this week, an amusing little piece about Filipinos getting 20% disability […]
October 5, 2023

Tik Toking Truants

By David Haldane Oct. 5, 2023   They’re a common sight online. Tik Tokers gone tall. Teenagers courting turmoil. Bad ones boosting boundaries. A new study […]